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High Wall Spillguard

Equipment Sold is Not to be Rented

WORKSAFE®® High Wall Spillguards provide the 110 percent containment required by many government associations. The High Wall Spillguard is a patented, heat-welded berm with reinforced seams and support legs that are removed for setup and take down.



Rain for Rent Spillguards feature:

  • Wrap around corners to prevent leaks
  • Chemically resistant containment fabric
  • External Aluminum Bracing
  • Designed to be deployed on uneven terrain through the use of individual A-frames that adapt to the contour of the ground
  • Available in acid and standard tan models
  • PipeStax®
  • Poly Tanks
  • 400BBL Upright Tanks
  • Modular spillguards to run under pipeline
  • Puncture resistant track belts
  • Puncture-resistant ground mats
  • SolidGround® Traction Mats
  • Spillguard Hose Bridge

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