Rent Equipment

Hydroblast Pad

  • Footprint30' x 50'

Use the Hydroblast Pad to contain liquids and sludge generated by equipment hydroblasting. Also used for leak protection for short or long-term storage.

  • The 30′ x 50′ containment Hydroblast Pad features a chemical-resistant polyurethane fabric.
  • One-piece heat-welded design.
  • Easy-tie grommets.
  • Puncture-resistant ground and equipment mats.
  • Double or triple your blast pad capacity right next to your existing unit.
  • Modular spillguards to run under pipeline
  • Puncture resistant track belts
  • Puncture-resistant ground mats
  • SolidGround®TM Traction Mats
  • Create reusable blast water system when you combine the SprayGuard with Rain for Rent pumps, filtration and tanks. Closed-loop filtration systems available.
  • 30’ x 50’

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