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Jet Line Mixer Tank

  • Capacity18100
  • Dry Weight24500
  • Footprint516" x 96" x 141"
  • ManwaysFour 22" hatches
  • MaterialSteel
  • Stairway

    Staircase attached to the front

  • Tank TopMixer

The 442 barrel (18,564 gallon) Round Bottom Jet Line Mixer Tank features a rounded bottom for superior mixing and turning of liquids and easier cleaning. Initial product mixing, shearing and/or constant agitation are performed by a single standalone pump via two 6” jet lines with opposing nozzles, reducing the footprint of additional pumps.

This specially engineered tank removes electric motors from your mixing needs. With its flat top construction, this steel tank makes checking fluid levels safer and simpler by reducing the number of steps and handrails needed.


Turbulence created from jet line nozzles keep fluid circulating in multiple directions, preventing healing of drilling mud.

Features of the Jet Line Mixer Tank Include:

  • Two 6” jet lines with alternate spacing on jet line nozzles
  • Coated with Carboline 310 Epoxy for ease of mixing and cleaning
  • Round bottom of tank facilitates liquid and mud turning, and cleaning
  • Dual manifold setup:
    • 8” pulls liquid from tank
    • 6” transfer to mixing jet lines
  • Single safety stairway allows quick easy access to check tank levels
  • Totally enclosed and vapor tight tank
  • 4” valves at the bottom of tank floor at the front and rear for cleaning
  • Hydraulic shearing is enhanced by flows from opposing nozzles on the two jet lines
  • Additional roof parts to facilitate the use of level gauges, if required
  • Manways Four 22” hatches
  • Material Carboline 310 Epoxy Coated Steel
  • Capacity 442 BBL or
  • 18,564 gallons
  • Dry weight 27,160 lbs.
  • Footprint 46.75’ x 8.5’ x 9’

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