Rent Equipment

Light Towers

  • Dry Weight1644
  • Footprint169x72x48

Modular light towers combine a rugged frame with your choice of either a high quality generator or generator/welder. Each power unit delivers the features you’ve come to expect from Rain for Rent such as brushless design and excellent voltage regulation. Simple mounting requirements provide the ability to exchange power sources with minimal delay. This unique design provides greater versatility than any other light tower on the market.

Ballasts and light switches for the Light Tower Series are conveniently located in the tongue area of the trailer. 

  • Fully Adjustable Metal Halide Lamps – Four 1,000 watt lamps provide maximum illumination and are controlled by individual circuit breakers for versatility. 
  • Engine – The light tower is powered by a Kubota Z482 3600-RPM, liquid-cooled, diesel engine. 
  • Convenience Receptacle – Ballasts and light switches located in the tongue area of trailer.
  • 30 Gallon Fuel Tank – provides up to 48 hours of run time while running at ¾ load.
  • Power: 6-8 kW
  • Dry weight: 1,644 lbs.
  • Footprint: 169” x 72” x 48”

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