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Portadam Cofferdam

Equipment Sold is Not to be Rented

Portadam portable cofferdams for use in construction, flood protection, and in-water inspection projects. Compared to earthen dams, sandbags, home-made contractor methods, sheet piling or water filled bladders, the Portadam system provides significant environmental and cost benefits.

A few projects that benefit from the partnership of Portadam and Rain for Rent dewatering and liquid handling solutions on your jobsite:

  • Pipeline River Crossings
  • River Pipeline Repair
  • Dam Rehabilitation
  • Dam Construction

Temporary cofferdam and river bypass solution saves pipline contractor $500,000 and keeps pipeline project on track.

  • Intake and Outfall Structures
  • Intake and Outfall Pipelines
  • Lake/River/Reservoir Bank Restoration
  • Stream Channelization
  • Environmental Remediation

$51 million bridge rehabilitation project chooses Rain for Rent, Portadam joint cofferdam dewatering solution to provide firm foundation for major transportation artery.

  • Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Construction
  • Boat Ramp Rehabilitation
  • Boat Ramp Construction
  • Holding Basins Maintenance and Construction
  • Flood Control and Prevention

Benefits of the Rain for Rent Portadam™ Partnership

  • Mitigate project risk by relying on two trusted providers.
  • Benefit from tightly integrated planning and logistics that save both time and effort.
  • Experience rapid response times and local support – a combined 65 locations across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Benefit from engineering experience and operational excellence with a steadfast emphasis on safety and performance.
  • Save effort with one modified rental agreement instead of two –or as specified by you.
  • Gain access to the most environmentally friendly solutions available today both partners share a culture of corporate and social responsibility.

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