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PT150 Wellpoint Dewatering Pump

  • Max Flow396 GPM
  • Max Head66 ft
  • Pump Size6"x6"
  • Dry Weight3,762 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity54 Gal
  • SolidsN/A
  • Impeller DiameterN/A
  • Footprint89” x 41”
  • Priming MethodSelf-Priming
  • Discharge Flange6"

The PT150 wellpoint pump has been designed for vertical and horizontal dewatering applications. These positive displacement pumps are fully self-priming and are capable of handling large quantities of air, water or any mixture of both without requiring a separate priming system. Furthermore, these pumps are capable of running dry indefinitely without causing damage or excessive wear to any part of the unit.


• Self-priming, no additional priming system required
• Excellent suction capabilities on all flows
• High pump efficiency
• Can run dry indefinitely
• 5 day run fuel tank
• Easy access for inspections and repairs
• Service interval 1500 hours
• Designed with integrated double containment
• Sound attenuated 48 dB(A) @ 33 ft

• Wellpoint Equipment (headers, swing joints and points)
• Suction and Discharge Hoses
• Weir Box/Tank
• Water Meter
• PipeStax®
• RampLox®
• SolidGround® Traction Mats

Maximum Flow 396 GPM
Maximum Head 66 feet
Maximum Suction Lift 32 feet
Pump Size 6” x 6”
Dry weight 3,762 lbs.
Footprint (approx) 89” x 41”
Fuel tank 54 gallon
Fuel consumption Max 0.4 gallon/hour
Sound Attenuation (Option) 48 dB(A) @ 33 ft

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