Radar Liquid Level Gauge
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Radar Liquid Level Gauge


The portable Radar Liquid Level Gauge from Rain for Rent measures liquid levels (dielectric of 3 or above) with a non-intrusive 26 GHz radar signal. Monitoring, measuring liquid levels in portable and fixed tanks are easy with the portable radar gauge. Accuracy is ± .12 inch of liquid with a measuring distance of up to 99 ft. The analog signal output can be used to control process instruments and VFD’s.

  • Does not have to touch fluid it is measuring.
  • Can measure the level of many liquids regardless of specific gravity.
  • Has no moving parts.
  • 5º F to 176º F operating temperature.
  • Scaling of the Radar Gauge can be done with no fluid in the tank.
  • Only requires a 1.5” NPT female port on the top off a tank for
  • installation.
  • Works on a 4~20 mA analog scale to communicate level
  • information to other systems.
  • Runs on lithium batteries.
  • 32’ of quick connect cable included

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