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RiteFlo® Wireless System | Remote Tank Level Monitoring

The RiteFlo® System from Rain for Rent is a wireless sensor and transmitter suite that provides remote monitoring of levels, temperature (probe and non-contact), pressure, and flow in real time and from a centralized location or mobile device. The RiteFlo® System creates a safer jobsite while allowing customers and employees to know water levels, temperature, pressure and flow at all times from anywhere. Real-time information enables proactive decision making while reducing costs. These are just a few benefits you can expect when utilizing the RiteFlo® System


  • Remote monitoring and reporting of flow, level, temperature, pressure and relay monitoring
  • Website and mobile device views
  • Wireless global standard
  • Cloud reporting can be managed via cell, radio or WiFi signal
  • Compatible with SCADA systems
  • Data stored and accessible through cloud database
  • Certified for Class 1, Division 1 environments
  • 6+ years battery life, based on 1-minute interval pulls
  • Special mount for LakeTank
  • Gauge has an integrated screen for verifying/quick reading and calibrating
  • Website and mobile view for remote monitoring
  • Dynamically calculates volumes eliminating the need for strapping charts and assisting with tank strapping
  • Adaptable system can be designed for any application
  • Real time monitoring and reporting of flow, level, pressure and temperature (probe and non-contact)
  • Transmitters can communicate up to 2,000ft with repeater, and 1,000ft without
  • RiteFlo® Command Trailer or RiteFlo® Remote Base Station required
  • Sensors (Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature)
  • Tanks
  • Spillguards
  • PipeStax®
  • Hose and Pipe
  • Dimensions: 13.65” x 7” x 4” (gauge head and antenna)
  • Weight: 5lbs (gauge head and antenna)
  • Gauge face: 2” diameter
  • Stainless steel cable for level measurements
  • Temperature rated at -40° to 175° F
  • Vibration tested to IEC60770-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility to CE 61326: 2012 and NE21:2012


    • Level: ±0.25 inch
    • Flow: ±0.01%
    • Temperature: ±0.45 °C / ±0.81 °F

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