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Equipment Sold is Not to be Rented

Rain for Rent is a leader in sprinkler irrigation rentals and sales. From mainline pressurizing pumps to mainline installation, we offer every part of a sprinkling system from gasket to pipe and sprinkler ends.

Since 1934, growers and producers have trusted Rain for Rent to deliver thoroughly cost-effective liquid handling solutions. Thanks to generations of satisfied customers, we are a leading provider of irrigation equipment, with branches in 60 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Our sprinklers are tested, repaired and guaranteed to work. In addition to traditional lateral sprinkling, we offer replacement sprinkler packages for all pivot brands, lateral moves and wheel moves.

Sprinkler systems are designed by Rain for Rent’s agricultural engineering department.


Consider a Rain for Rent sprinkler system for:

  • Plant germination sprinkler systems create strong roots for seedlings.
  • Frost control sprinkler systems to protect your crop in harsh conditions.
  • Lateral and mainline sprinkler systems.
  • Complete sprinkler systems including fittings, valves, pipe, gaskets and sprinkler heads.
  • Aluminum pipe and fittings
  • Gaskets and sprinklers
  • Risers

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