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Stormwater Treatment Flocculant Kit DPS-MB

Equipment Sold is Not to be Rented

  • Filter Tank

    One tank requiring twelve coalescing packs

  • Materialbiopolymer flocculant

HaloKlear DPS-MB Kit is a natural biopolymer stormwater treatment kit containing GelFloc and DBP-2100. The kit is 100% biodegradeable through enzymatic activity thus preventing bioaccumulation concerns. The patented design & concentrated formula delivers cost effective, superior and consistent performance.


Features of the DPS-MB Kit include:

  • All natural, biodegradable polymers
  • Effective on a wide array of soil types and pH ranges
  • Creates dense flocs with great sheer strength and low water content to settle quickly

Accessories of the DPS-MB Kit include:

  • Combine HaloKlear’s polymer flocculants with Rain for Rent’s filtration systems to meet your jobsite discharge standards.
  • Prevent spills and contamination on your project with Rain for Rent’s Spillguard.
  • Appearance clear, pale amber, viscous liquid with pungent odor of vinegar
  • pH Treatment Range 3.0-4.0
  • Packaging Details Four 1 Kg bags of DPB-2100 & Four 1 Kg bags of GelFloc