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With decades of experience supporting the backbone of the construction industry, Rain for Rent has developed specialized construction services to become Granite’s partner on the jobsite. Dewatering, pumping, filtration, spill protection, jobsite safety and protection help you avoid costly fines and delays.


Rain for Rent is the leading provider of liquid handling solutions. From pumps, tanks, and filtration to pipe and hoses, we provide everything you need to keep projects on track.


Water management is Rain for Rent’s area of expertise. We have been demonstrating successful implementation of innovative, cost-effective liquid handling systems since 1934. From development to maintenance, our water handling experts and experienced engineers will provide you with industry leading systems for water assessment, site-water access, storm water run-off, liquid erosion control and more.


From pit dewatering, filtration, and evaporation systems to dust control and wheel wash, Rain for Rent has complete solutions to keep your jobsite running.

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