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Food Processing Bypass Becomes Integral System

An eastern U.S. food processing plant’s sanitary upgrades proved difficult for the surrounding infrastructure. Together with Rain for Rent, engineers designed a temporary bypass and treatment system. The system included …

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Hurricane Sandy-Managed Emergency Response Relief Efforts Aid Millions

On Oct 24, 2012 at the news of a coming “Frankenstorm,” Rain for Rent began to mobilize equipment and personnel from the Western and Southern United States for managed emergency …

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State Saves Money with Unique PCB Filtration System

BACKGROUND An increase in PCBs at wastewater treatment plants due to illegal dumping across South Carolina prompted a new law to reduce PCB levels in treated water to below 3 …

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Oil & Gas

Our company was founded to provide oilfield supplies and over the years we have expanded our expertise and offer many services that assist in the oil and gas industry. At …

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