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Utilize Rain for Rent’s expertise and project management to create a system to re-use water for hydroblasting.

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When a city public works project to remove cracks and potholes in bridges and roadways is challenged with limited access, Rain for Rent offers pioneering solutions to alleviate tight jobsite space and limited water resources.  Get a quote or learn more.

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Reduce Alkalinity of pH with Filtration for Bridge or Highway Repairs

Supporting hydroblasting applications

Water- and equipment-intensive resources are normally required to remove highly alkaline runoff that is discharged from hydroblasting concrete down to the rebar level. Read blog article for more details. Rain for Rent provides savings through an alternative to a traditionally high cost application.

Filtering through weirs and tanks

A series of weirs are designed to direct the runoff from hydroblasting to a weir tank for heavy solids settling.

Treating discharged water for re-use

Produced water is pulled in through pumps where the pH is monitored by an instrumentation mobile unit and injected with C02 gas as a solution to reduce the water alkalinity.

Polishing with advanced filtration

pH is dialed down to the 7-8 range through bag and cartridge filtration before routed to a frac tank for storage.

Eliminating daily vacuum truck trips

Instead of numerous tanks of contaminated water being carted away every day, all that is needed is a single vacuum truck coming in weekly to remove the collected sludge in the weir tanks.

Sourcing additional water supply

The system is also connected to a long pipe run and pumped from a hydrant to supply additional water as needed to keep the system full.

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