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Whether your planning a bypass for busy downtown area or a small rural town, you’ll want to follow this advice to ensure safety to residents.

Here are 5 tips to help you save time and money on your bypass pumping project:

Choose the Right Equipment

The accurate selection of pumps, pipe and fittings are vital to manage flows and water levels without disruption to your project. For more complicated projects, engineering backed designs ensure systems are installed without any complications.

Create a Prevention Plan

Testing the pump and pipeline before running the actual bypass is crucial in preventing spills which may lead to unnecessary cleaning fees or fines. A backup system also ensures the project stays on track.

Make Safety a Priority

Spill containment, pipe support, anti-slip mats and traffic crossings help to prevent hazards to your employees and the public.

Identify Local Guidelines & Restrictions

Each location has different regulations especially when it comes to dealing with the public in terms of noise levels, duration of projects and road closures. Identifying these in advance can save your project from unnecessary costs of switching equipment and the risk of not completing a project on time.

Take Advantage of Monitoring Instruments

Smart instrumentation technology signal alerts so products can react on demand, saving your project from unwanted incidents. It can also save on fuel consumption.

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