Hurricane Preparation and Emergency Response

Rain for Rent’s proven track record in handling Hurricane response has seasoned us with the experience to help with natural disasters requiring emergency bypasses and dewatering.

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Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Here is How Rain for Rent Can Help

Equipment Contingency Plan

You always want to prepare in advance for a fluid handling crises by working with your pumping provider to develop a Hurricane Preparation and Emergency Response contingency plan. You must work with an engineering team with relevant experience. They’ll deal with the many safety and technical issues. They’ll recommend protocols and equipment to protect you from the pain of loss.

A contingency plan often includes:

☐ A statement of site conditions

☐ Directions and site access information

☐ 24/7 contact info for your emergency team

☐ Lists of equipment needed to sustain operations

☐ Information in different languages (as appropriate)

Emergency response plan development disciplines planners to think through various scenarios in advance.

SSOs occur for many reasons, including:

  • Weather events, from heavy rain to lightning strikes
  • Pipe blockages or pipe movement
  • Lift station and other failures due to aging equipment

Contingency planning must also navigate the regulatory landscape. A plan follows local codes while addressing OSHA safety standards. Once a plan is adopted, it is time to get the equipment lined up or on standby.

We can assess your emergency liquid handling needs with a site inspection and discuss a custom contingency plan to meet those needs.

Our fleet is stocked with 6″, 8″, and 12″ pumps as well as extra-high volume 24″ pumps for your localized flooding issues. Our equipment is only part of the solution, our safe and experience staff is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Emergency Response Agreement

We offer Emergency Response Agreements so that we can be on stand-by for the first call in all emergencies. For a more time-sensitive area, keep our equipment on your site at stand-by rates for a faster deployment

In this interview  our SWAT team leader, Dick Pilotte, discusses how the team provides support after an emergency occurs.

What kind of equipment do we provide for storms?

We are known for our Hurricane Preparation and Emergency Response and have helped in many natural disasters. When things get bad, quicker responses are needed. Rain for Rent is strategically located to respond quickly to any emergency pumping or bypass needs.

  • Superstorm Sandy: Mobilizing more than 520 pumps and 100 personnel to New York / New Jersey area.
  • 576 MGD bypass saves Omaha from Flooding.

Temporary pumps moved floodwaters through the repaired 17th Street Canal Levee in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

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