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Paper mills trust Rain for Rent for their planned projects and emergency needs. We provide equipment for routine maintenance, daily operations, bypasses and dewatering including pumps, pipe, tanks and filtration systems.

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Pulp and paper mills deal with all kinds of liquids from clean water to wastewater or liquor. The equipment that holds, uses and transfers water requires regular maintenance to ensure smooth operations. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, these processes can be very expensive.

At Rain for Rent, we specialize in creating engineered systems to ensure optimized processes which lead to time and operational cost savings.

Here are 5 tips to help you save time and money during mill maintenance:

1. Choose the right storage in terms of size, material and movability

Ensuring the material compatibility is very important. Not checking it beforehand can cause damage to storage equipment. Plus, choosing the right equipment the first time will save you money on extra installation and hauling charges you would have had to spend by changing the equipment in the middle of the project.

2. Get engineering help to design an optimized system

An engineered design ensures that different pieces of equipment work well with each other, which will prevent interruptions such as leaks, bursted pipe and accidents. It also helps predict potential issues.

CASE STUDY: How an engineered design helps a paper mill

3. Implement innovative solutions and options to better current processes

Innovation can help save you time and money on your project. For example, the use of polymer in water filtration systems can help reduce liquid waste, present an opportunity for water recycling and save on hauling costs.

Case study: Polymer injection and filtration reduces hydrocleaning costs

4. Identify cost-saving options ahead of time

When asking for quotes from vendors, ask for cost-saving solutions. Some vendors might offer a lower equipment rental rate, but you might end up paying more in the long run by ignoring potential options to save money.

Case study: A bypass project saves more than $100,000 on pump fuel costs

5. Take Advantage of Monitoring Instruments

Smart instrumentation technology signals alerts so products can react on demand, saving your project from unwanted incidents. It can also save you on fuel consumption and labor costs.

Case Study: pH adjustment system saves a filtration project from 24-hour monitoring labor costs

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