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When it comes to Solar Farm installation, operation, and maintenance, the most important element to consider, other than electricity, is water. Water management is Rain for Rent’s area of expertise – we have been demonstrating successful implementation of innovative, cost-effective liquid-handling systems since 1934.

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Wherever you are on the journey, from development to maintenance, our water-handling experts are at hand with the know-how and tools required to provide you with industry-leading systems for water assessment, site-water access, stormwater run-off, liquid erosion control management, and more.

From environmentally sound site development to solar panel maintenance, our liquid-handling equipment can provide tried and true solutions for your water-handling needs:

Solar Farm Solutions

Dust Control – Suppress dust on your site and roads with Rain for Rent’s dust control systems.


Water Towers and Loading Stands – Replenish water source with on demand fill stations.

Wheel WashWheel Wash systems are ideal on remediation, construction or any jobsite that needs an efficient and cost-effective track out prevention system.

Water transfer – Move water to specific site requirements with Rain for Rent’s pump rentals.

Water storage – Store water and other liquids with Rain for Rent’s poly tanks or frac tanks.

Filtration – Let Rain for Rent recommend and build the best filtration system and equipment to meet your specific project requirements.






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