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Needing additional storage capacity? Visit our Temporary Storage Tank Solutions Page for details on storing your liquid products cost effectively.

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Oil & Gas

Energy is a fundamental part of life, and developing oil and natural gas resources is vital to our nation. Equipment from Rain for Rent is integral to that process. We understand the nature of work in the oilfields and the need for equipment to perform, coupled with the service to deliver and install it.



Pipelines connect the world’s resources, moving fuel where it needs to go. Whether hydrotesting, dewatering, storing, filtering, or providing temporary bypasses, Rain for Rent’s complete systems provide a one stop resource for pipeline construction and repairs. Our nationwide locations offer consistent service no matter where the need may be.



Rain for Rent supports the refineries and petrochemical plants that provide us with fuel, heat and petrochemical products for our everyday lives. Whether it is a planned refinery turnaround or an emergency need, Rain for Rent knows what it takes to get the job done and provide the necessary equipment and service in a timely manner.