Large Filtration Project Saves Time & Money for Municipality

Pipeline sediment removed under tight deadline


Work cleaning sediment from sewer lines under a university campus in the Northeastern U.S. needed to be completed before the fall semester began. Rain for Rent was selected by a Massachusetts water authority to provide the filtration and pumping system. The equipment for the project needed to fit within a small jobsite footprint and impact to student life had to be minimized.

Rain for Rent’s filtration system efficiently filtered approximately 14 million gallons of water, meeting independently tested water clarity standards before discharging into a nearby river. The system utilized a combination of sound attenuated pumps to reduce noise on campus, filter boxes, tanks, media and bag filters as well as Spillguards and traction mats.


The job was completed two weeks early, creating cost savings.
The Rain for Rent operations team fit all necessary equipment into a small area.
The water had high concentrations of VOCs and sediment, which was filtered to meet water clarity standards.
Rain for Rent provided 12 hour pump watch each night.


The project was completed ahead of schedule with future projects scheduled with the contractor. The state water authority was very happy with the solution provided.

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