Largest-diameter CIPP in the U.S. Achieved with 120 MGD Bypass


Aging infrastructure was corrupting a treatment plant that handles waste for the greater Memphis area. The plant’s main sewer line, a 108-inch diameter pipe, would require rehabilitation via CIPP installation. It was necessary for the contractor managing the project to secure a surefire temporary bypass system that would pump 120 MGD without incident or delay.


Rain for Rent reviewed the site specifications and presented a system that would meet the 120 MGD requirement while taking into account the need to conserve space and costs. Two sets of six DV400c 16-inch pumps, set up with 7,000-feet of 24-inch HDPE pipe, created a temporary bypass system that allowed the contractor uninterrupted access to rehabilitate the 108-inch line.


  • By utilizing the 16-inch pumps, more waste was moved by fewer pumps than suggested by another vendor, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower fuel costs.
  • Rain for Rent personnel installed the system and provided on-site staff to run the project and monitor the flow 24/7.
  • The Rain for Rent install team worked safely and without incident on a job site comprised of multiple crews and projects.


The project was completed on time and the contractor complimented Rain for Rent on a job well done. The site superintendent stated that this was the most professional bypass installation he had ever seen.

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