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As an Essential Services Provider, Rain for Rent provides 24/7 service & support for Wastewater Professionals. Since COVID-19 has created new challenges and areas of concern, we’ve been called to provide engineered solutions to save you time and money. Look to our products and experience to help you manage liquids during regular maintenance or special situations. Get a quote or learn more.

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Issues/Effects of COVID-19 on Wastewater Systems

Increased Solids Clogging the Collection System

Paper towels, “flushable” wipes, disinfecting wipes, rubber gloves and other items are being flushed down the drain, which can cause issues in the collection system, whether at the pump station or the WWTP.

Increased Operating Load and Cycle Times

Shelter-in-place orders are changing the flow design for sanitary sewer collection systems. Peak design times now vary throughout the day and night, increasing the operating load and cycle times on permanent equipment.

Operating Pumps at Off-Design Points can Cause Clogging

Non-clog pumps can still clog, when they are operating at off-design points on the operating curves. The design load change causes the pumps to operate more frequently for shorter periods of time, or, if they are on a VFD, at slower speeds to handle the lower (but still continuous) flows.

Higher Solids Load Leads to Premature Equipment Failure

Although designed for non-clogging operation, pumping equipment still comes under increased mechanical strain when handling higher solids load, which leads to premature equipment failure.

Increased Exposure to the Environment

Continuous flows require collections system operators to increase their inspection on-site time, increasing personnel exposure to the environment.

Increased Load on the Screening Facilities, Settling Tanks, Primary Clarifiers

If the collection system equipment can handle and process the increased solids load, the waste stream still increases the load on the screening facilities, settling tanks and/or primary clarifiers at WWTPs.

Rain for Rent Solutions

Backup Pumping Systems Available

Having a backup pumping system at your pump station or WWTP influent chamber decreases the likelihood of a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO), caused by an increased solids load clogging the permanent pumping equipment.

Diesel-driven Backup Pump

A diesel-driven pump can provide a backup for mechanical equipment failure, as well as electrical failure, from the strain on station controls due to off-design flows and/or solids-handling.

Diesel-driven pump and Frac Tank Storage

If a forcemain bypass connection is not available, a diesel-driven pump and a frac tank system can provide storage capacity, or allow you to empty your wet well to service permanent equipment in an emergency situation.

Instrumentation Provides Remote Monitoring

Rain for Rent instrumentation can provide remote monitoring at stations or plant locations that do not currently have SCADA coverage, reducing the inspection load and exposure for your operations personnel, while protecting you against SSOs.

Temporary Screening Systems, Control Run-off, and Disposal

Filter boxes can provide temporary screening systems for bar screen systems and screening chambers that are becoming overloaded, while allowing you to decant water and control the run-off. This will also provide a water-tight container which can haul the material off for disposal. The filter box can also decrease loading on your plant drying beds.

We offer virtual meetings and jobwalk capability with our engineering team and bypass experts.

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