Containment System Prevents EPA Fines During Offshore Platform Decommissioning


Four offshore oil platforms were being decommissioned due to their age, and all components of the platforms needed to be hydroblasted. Rainwater and hydroblast runoff would need to be contained and tested to determine if additional treatment was necessary prior to being discharged.


Lined ditches around the jobsite captured the runoff prior to it being pumped into Rain for Rent’s B24 LakeTank®. A combination of submersible and diesel pumps, coated tanks and HDPE helped move and store the water on site.


  • Rain for Rent’s equipment gave the customer the ability to store large amounts of water on site and greatly reduced the risk of hazardous release.
  • EPA fines and damage to the local ecosystem were prevented due to water containment and monitoring.
  • Rain for Rent was chosen because of the turnkey system that could be provided.


The customer reported that they were very happy with the system. Equipment will remain on site for another 10 months and filtration will be added should contaminates be detected.

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