Customized Flow Rates Produce VFX for Film’s River Simulation


Santa Paula, CA – A film production company required a pumping system that would safely circulate water within an on-set simulated river. The customer required a way to control the pumping rate so that water flow could be produced at various speeds.


Rain for Rent designed and installed a simple yet powerful circulation system utilizing four 30” pumps. Depending on direction from the Visual Effects team, the system moved water at various rates – from 60,000 GPM to 110,000 GPM – to create the desired water-flow effect.


Safety is always top priority. With actors and set-crew in the water, Rain for Rent designed the pumping system to ensure suction points in the water were set up with appropriate distance from areas where people would be located.


The customer said that they look forward to working with Rain for Rent on future visual effects projects because the outcome they received was exactly what they wanted.


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