Oil & Gas Co. Saves Time & Money with LakeTank™ Water Storage

LakeTank chosen for crucial water transfer job.

An oil and gas exploration company needed to temporarily store a large amount of water for frac work in the Eastern United States.

The exploration company wanted new water storage options in an effort to save money and time. Rain for Rent introduced them to the B-40 LakeTank™, a mobile frac pond water storage tank.

With a capacity of 40,000 BBL, one B-40 LakeTank replaces 82 frac tanks – reducing installation, breakdown time and hauling.

When the company chose to use the LakeTank, setup took less than two days. Once deployed, the reduction in footprint for water storage on the jobsite allowed for a lower impact on the surrounding area both in the amount of truck traffic and space.

After fracing began, 100 barrels-a-minute of water were pumped from the LakeTank into six working tanks on location.

When the job was completed, the LakeTank proved to save the exploration company money. Rain for Rent has since be called upon for additional frac water transfer services using the LakeTank.

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