BLM Land Protected During Oil Exploration

Spillguards, engineered water transfers, and a safety-focused Rain for Rent are the go-to choice for company’s well development work on BLM lands.

A large Oil and Gas company began exploration on land newly available due to the progress in fracing technology. The locations of these wells were deep in the heart of federally owned Bureau of Land Management property.

Rain for Rent worked on three recent fracing projects for the company. The first remote frac site had very tight access to and from the site. Maneuverability and logistics were difficult due to strict BLM regulations of the protected lands. Pipe could only be set in certain locations, requiring more than just laying down water transfer pipe.

Rain for Rent engineers designed a unique system which provided the 1470 GPM of water uphill over 425 feet and across more than a mile to the drilling site.

A separate site required 2520 GPM of water to be moved more than three-quarters of a mile with several elevation changes and an eight foot path for all equipment and vehicles needing access to the site to pass. That system included Spillguards under every pump and tank to provide a spill free system.

The third remote location trucked in water for holding prior to beginning the frac. Rain for Rent filtered the water twice; once before entering the holding tanks and again before being pumped to the frac site at 2520 GPM during the week-long drilling process.

All three sites were spill free and the BLM was pleased with Rain for Rent’s commitment to quality spill protection with Spillguards under all liquid handling equipment.

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