Power Plant Saves Time with Unique System Installation

One of the largest coal powered electricity plants in the Southern U.S. needed to be taken offline for boiler repairs and chemical cleaning of their cooling tower. The plant, which serves 880,000 homes, needed a safe and leak-free way to store liquid during maintenance.

More than 1 million gallons of liquid were needed to clean the massive power plant, and the liquid storage system had to adapt to the limited open space around the facility.

Rain for Rent mobilized a water storage system using steel water tanks, Spillguards and hoses from its network of branches.

The system of large steel tanks was hydrotested to ensure a water-tight solution that snaked around the facility.

Because of the efficient installation and system design, the plant was able to complete their cleaning and maintenance 15 percent faster than planned.

Impressed with the planning and clear communication for the liquid handling system layout and design, the plant now considers Rain for Rent a trustworthy partner for future liquid handling needs.

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