5,000 GPM of PCB-laden Water Filtered for Large Remediation Projects

A South Carolina superfund site had a creek with PCB-laden silt and sediment that needed to be dredged and removed.

The contaminants came from a manufacturing plant along the river near the South Carolina-Georgia border.

The site is set to become a greenway area for thousands of outdoor enthusiasts for recreation, fishing and more.

Rain for Rent provided equipment for several of the contractors involved with the dredging, settling and removal of the contaminants in early 2010.

While not the original pump, pipe and tank supplier, Rain for Rent’s persistence and cost-saving efficiencies drew contractor’s attention.

Rain for Rent provided the experience needed to ensure the job was done correctly and functioned as a single-stop for all the contractor’s liquid handling needs, saving them time and money.

At peak moments of the remediation project there were as many as 15 Rain for Rent pumps, four 21,000 gallon tanks and over 5,000 feet of fused 6, 10 and 12-inch HDPE and Bauer pipelines.

Because the fragile environment could not take any additional contamination from the PCB silt and sediment, Rain for Rent Spillguards provided constant protection under every pump and tank.

Two HH150 8×6-inch pumps fed water to the sediment management unit (SMU) through 2,000 feet of 10-inch HDPE pipe. The contaminant was then separated to dry and wet sides. Two SA DV300i 12-inch pumps then took the effluent along 1,000 feet of HDPE up to another settling tank for continued filtration.

Rain for Rent equipment handled dewatering, provided freshwater to backflush filtration units and discharged
5,000 GPM of effluent from the treatment system.

Two Rain for Rent road crossings provided uninterrupted access to the jobsite for backhoes and trucks, while allowing the treatment system to remain uninterrupted.

At the close of 2010, a new general contractor opted to continue with Rain for Rent for liquid-handling equipment. The project was continually modified and ramped up in November with the help of Rain for Rent’s highly skilled Sewer and Water A-Team.

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