Bypasses Aid in Crucial Sewer Upgrades

For more than a year, Rain for Rent worked directly with contractors to manage up to 20-MGD of sanitary sewer bypasses

Halfway through billions of dollars of upgrades, a Southeastern U.S. city began the crucial separation of the antiquated Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system.

With nearly 2 million customers, the city did not want residents to be adversely impacted by the upgrade to a separated waste and storm water system.

Contractors for the city chose Rain for Rent to be directly involved in the engineering, planning and deployment of the temporary bypasses needed during repairs and installation of more than 26,000 feet of sewer line.

Thirty pumps and more than two miles of HDPE pipe were engineered into multi-phased sewer bypasses allowing sewer repair and upgrades to take place. More than 30 bypasses were performed over the course of the project to manage up to 20 MGD of sanitary sewer flow.

Rain for Rent’s qualified bypass experience, backed by engineered design, ensured the new sewer system could be installed without any complications or spills. This allowed pipeline contractors to focus on their trenchless and rehab work, letting Rain for Rent manage their liquid handling.

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