Filtration System Recycles Industrial Wastewater at Closed Petroleum Site


An Environmental Engineering firm was tasked with providing soil remediation services for an abandoned fluid containment site on property previously used by an oil company. All water that fell onto or flowed into the site had to be collected, moved, and disposed of in accordance with state and local regulations. The collected water exhibited a frequently changing pH; in order to meet discharge regulations, the pH had to be controlled and kept within the range of 5 to 12. The Environmental firm required a system that could treat and then repurpose industrial wastewater so that the byproduct could be available to create lime slurry for soil treatment.


For six months Rain for Rent’s team of operations and engineering experts worked with the customer on conference calls and jobsite visits to plan a system that would meet the project’s needs; then the design and equipment were specified into the customer’s City permit request. After receiving approval to proceed, Rain for Rent installed the system and carried out a test run to allow for final adjustments to be made. The system of tanks, stainless steel pumps, hose and pipe with stainless steel connections, pH monitoring box, instrumentation and radar gauges performed as planned and produced a steady flow of discharge water that remained within the regulated pH range.


  • The system design ensured that any water with an out-of-range pH level was routed to treatment and away from the discharge flow.
  • All state, local, and site discharge and safety requirements were adhered to; the project was completed without incident.


The customer was pleased that the system’s efficiency reduced down time which enabled them to move forward with their remediation ahead of schedule, saving time and money; and, they look forward to partnering with Rain for Rent again in the future.

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