Creek Bypass Saves Money for Road Reconstruction Project


An old road in Chesterfield County, VA, had been the site of many motor vehicle accidents. To increase the road’s safety, the County Roads Department planned renovations to improve the road by eliminating the two most problematic curves. In order to do this, a creek running directly through the middle of the construction site would have to be temporarily bypassed while a new culvert was built under the roadway to permanently re-route the creek.


  • Due to swampy ground conditions created by rain storms, all equipment had to be hand-carried onto the job site, part by part, from a road about 100 yards away.
  • Daily JSA’s were conducted to address the caution required to safely navigate the muddy, unstable ground of the jobsite, which was covered with swamp mats.
  • Organized, logical moves were coordinated with the customer as they were performing dam construction on the creek, along with other site work, at the same time as the bypass system was installed.
  • The bypass system plan followed the principles of best practices and saved the customer money by utilizing bauer pipe. This reduced cost by eliminating the need for pipe fusion.


Rain for Rent’s local Virginia branch and Engineering Department worked together to design and install a creek bypass to safely handle the fluctuating flow of the creek. For the duration of the two-month project, the bypass diverted an average flow of up to 5,000 GPM from the dammed creek to an old culvert system about 200’ downstream.

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