Preventing Incidents and Downtime on Worksites

Blog | October 06, 2021

Save Money on Jobsites by Preventing Incidents and Downtime

There are lots of hazards on construction work sites. Contractors and project owners are responsible for protecting workers and the public from the dangers of slips, trips, and falls. These can be some of the most dangerous hazards on a jobsite. Doing a jobsite hazard analysis and developing a safety plan to prevent exposure to hazards are the most important measures contractors can take to keep their workers and the public safe.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 700 fatalities per year caused by slips, trips, and falls. Falls, slips, and trips were the second most common workplace injury in the construction industry in 2019, with 26,120 non-fatal injuries. These injuries can lead to lost time and higher workers comp insurance premiums.

Some slips are caused by a loss of balance due to a loss of traction. Slips most commonly occur on wet surfaces, whether due to spills or snow and ice. Providing additional traction and preventing leaks and spills will help prevent slips from happening.

Trips occur when a worker’s foot hits an object, and they are thrown off balance. Keeping jobsites free of obstacles and debris helps prevent trips.

Falls are the result of a loss of balance when a worker moves past their center of balance. They are the leading cause of injury and death among construction workers. Fall protection is a high priority at all jobsites, and can include the use of handrails, guardrails, lanyards, and harnesses.

Preventing slips, trips, and falls is the best way to keep workers safe on worksites. Rain for Rent offers many solutions to help protect workers and the public on these projects.


Spillguards help contain spills and leaks that can affect the safety of a jobsite. These modular containers protect pipe runs, hoses, connection points, or equipment by collecting and containing any fluid that leaks from the system. By containing leaks and spills, slips caused by standing water can be prevented. Larger spillguards can also be placed under pieces of equipment to contain any leaks or condensation.

Traction mats

Our traction mats, made out of recycled polyethylene, help provide increased traction in all areas of the jobsite. Traction mats provide additional traction anywhere it is needed, in muddy or sandy soil, as well as on hard surfaces. The half-inch cushioning also provides a softer surface for workers to walk or stand on, preventing leg and foot muscle strain.

PipeStax / PipeStax XL

PipeStax and PipeStax XL provide modular support for pipes and hoses to keep them off the ground and replace dunnage. The plastic interlocking blocks can be stacked to meet your needs and will securely hold pipes and hoses to prevent movement and premature damage. Using PipeStax helps reduce tripping hazards by eliminating the need for wood dunnage and woodpiles on the jobsite.




RampLox provides a safe way to get vehicles and pedestrians over pipes and hoses. The interlocking ramp pieces provide a smooth transition and allow pipe runs to be placed across pedestrian and vehicle paths. RampLox protects workers from tripping on pipes and they have a textured grip surface for stability and traction for both foot and vehicle traffic.


HoseTrax helps support and organize up to six 5-inch hoses. It keeps hoses separated and spaces them out evenly, helping to keep them organized and preventing damage caused by laying in water or chemicals. Using HoseTrax reduces tripping hazards as hoses are more organized and can be kept out of high-traffic areas. The supports can be anchored to cribbing, asphalt, or other surfaces for more stability.

Road crossings

Rain for Rent’s road crossings help move water and other liquids across roadways or pedestrian paths with only a minimum loss of pressure. They are equipped with DOT safety reflectors and safety flags and provide increased protection when moving water over busy thoroughfares. Each road crossing is manufactured to comply with federal bridge laws of 20,000 lbs. single axle


Our instrumentation allows you to monitor flow rates, liquid levels, temperature, water quality, and more. Alarms notify you when unsafe conditions exist, such as a drop in pressure or low water levels that may be caused by a leak. Workers can easily monitor the situation and respond to potential issues quickly, reducing the chance for slips and falls. Instrumentation also reduces the workforce needed to monitor a jobsite, reducing traffic in dangerous areas.

Instrumentation - Rain for Rent

Safety is a Core Value

Jobsites can help prevent slips, spills, and falls by implementing the correct equipment on the jobsite. Rain for Rent has a variety of safety products that can be used to keep walkways clear of obstacles, prevent standing water, and remove other conditions that may lead to slips, trips, and falls.


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